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Disruptive in the textile world

The traditional supply chain within the textiles sector exists for over 100 years. The leading brands generate designs and sent these to the production facilities. In the countries where labour costs are low product developers create garments out of these ideas. After production of the garments they are transported central warehouses. The central warehouse distributes to wholesalers. Wholesales sells to retail and retail sells to you.

Do we need to draw this supply chain and point out where the margins are …

Dutch Legends takes a different approach. No wholesale, distributors or resellers. We co-produce with the factories and you. We immediately cut layers and thus margin. We buy with more policy and more sustainability (read: the factory and the workers get a higher price for production) and you benefit from fair and low prices.

This will put pressure on the network of wholesalers in Europe and off course the brands that use this network to reach the market. If you want to do things differently, let Dutch Legends advise you without obligation.