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Future Proof

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We are ready for your challenge
Or ..?

Often Legends are associated with grey hair and wrinkles. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Legend deserves the status because of proven performance, executed visionary plans and above all staying ‘normal’.

Having two feet in the clay and bringing supply and demand together in the interest of both parties. The Legends of Dutch Legends are futureproof. In an ‘on demand’ economy, digitization of business processes and the high degree of availability of products, Dutch Legends is ready for the next step. No middle man or intermediaries in the supply chain.

You can design, co-create or order your workwear, outdoor, healthcare and sportswear in our transparent business model.

With visionary look Dutch Legends can offer what you as a Legend in your branche need. No crystal ball but a futureproof partner and product with guaranteed high quality, honestly made and reliable. No guerrilla or stealth marketing, but integrity at the top.

Dutch Legends are eye openers. We shake up the supply chain and renew a 100 year old market. Pretty legendary, right?