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Experience produces deja-vu’s

What would the world be like if a magic crystal ball really worked ? Sometimes it would be useful, but the question is whether the world would be better. After 30 years of experience of our Legends, it sometimes feels like we can look into a crystal ball. Or is it the experience in the textile market and in clothings in particular, that evokes the deja-vu’s? Wanting to serve the market with a different view into the world and with a high degree of transparency, both on the production side and to the end user. The status ”Legend” you have to earn and this can only be done if you have already seen and experienced all ins and outs. Strikes, fires, unwanted governmental involvement, non-conformities, not respecting labour standards, etc etc.

In a traditional market with ab out dated supply chain there are see blog Off the beaten track no more surprises for the real Legends. No crystal ball, but a suitcase full of experience world trip ready to share with you.