Future Proof

Often Legends are associated with grey hair and wrinkles. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Legend deserves the status because of proven performance, executed visionary plans…

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Crystal ball

What would the world be like if a magic crystal ball really worked ? Sometimes it would be useful, but the question is whether the world would be better. After 30 years of experience of our Legends…

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blog off the beaten track

Off the Beaten Track

The traditional supply chain within the textiles sector exists for over 100 years. The leading brands generate designs and sent these to the production facilities. In the countries where labour…

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Man using sewing machine

World Trip

In the 30 years that our Legends have travelled the world for the best textile production, a lot of experience has been gained. We have seen and worked with a wide variety of production facilities…

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Sewing Machine

Disruptive in Textile Production

No more, no less. That’s how Dutch Legends sees the supplychain of textiles. The founders of Dutch Legends use their 30 years of experience in textile production to connect both producer…

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Acryl Licht, zeer luchtig, zacht en warm, licht- en weerbestendig, vervilt niet, krimpt niet, motecht, heldere kleuren, gemakkelijk te verzorgen, snel drogend. De PAN-spinvezel lijkt

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