About Dutch Legends

Our Brand Story

More than 25 years of experience in the textile and garment manufacturing makes us legends.
But that’s not what counts. We use our experience to create new legends worldwide.
How? By creating a new business model where we skip all chains and offer business peer-to-peer.
Only one step from factory to user. Pretty legendaric in the textile business.

Achieve your Legend status, serve your customers with the lowest price for the best quality.
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Our Expertise

Perfect Fit

One size doesn’t fit all​. One in three clients struggle to find workwear that fits them right. Sizes vary across brands and even worse, in different models of 1 brand also. We believe workwear should fit for its functions. It is therefor we create our garments in our owned pattern studio. Our Legend patternmakers fully understand the art of patternmaking.

By listening to your feedback, we learn what pieces of clothing work best and we improve our garments with even better fitting-items.

In our trousers we use 2 fits in terms of extra space:
Fit 1: Dutch Legends Regular Workwear Fit. These are slightly wider around the body. Perfect for extra freedom of movement while working.

Fit 2: Dutch Legends Slim Regular Fit These are slightly tighter around the body, without sacrificing to wearing comfort.


Our commitment to performance and continuous development in clothing, together with our respect for the environment , runs through all aspects of our process. From fabric selection through production facility and distributing. Not to forget worker conditions in our factories. We work constantly on all sustainable aspects of our complete organisation. By choosing Dutch Legends you can be sure your garment is not only made of sustainable materials but also made in good working conditions. We care for our workers.

Best Fabrics

Our team of designers and product developers always choose the best materials needed for the function of the cloths. As Legends we produce for diversified segments and we draw a particular attention to the specificities of each garment. We combine our fabrics and garments to have the best strength with comfort and style. It is crucial we provide fabrics that help you in the work you must do. Dutch Legends garments are manufactured in many different materials, all of which are chosen from the best suppliers. We consider our fabric selection as one the most important fundaments of our workwear.